This page is here to answer questions you might have about Think Italian Membership. Please email us if there is anything you would like to know in more detail.

How often is Think Italian published? Think Italian is an online audio magazine and monthly membership and new content is published 12 times a year.

Can I have a hard copy of Think Italian sent to my home? Think Italian is available as an online magazine and hard copies are not sent to homes.  If you would like to enjoy your subscription as a hard copy you are able to easily print the magazine and copy the audio files to a CD each month. We are happy to assist with this process when needed.

Do I need Internet connect to read Think Italian every month? You will need Internet connection the first time you access the new content each month. However, at that time, you can save the Magazine file, Grammar Lessons and the Audio files to your computer for enjoyment at a later time, without being connected to the Internet.  You may also print the articles and copy the Audio files to a CD for use away from the computer entirely.

What is included in my membership to Think Italian? With a subscription to Think Italian you will receive the monthly audio magazine filled with interesting and educational language-learning articles. New content will be provided each month.  And each month you will receive an exclusive grammar lesson and  “Repeat After Me” section.  

What is your refund policy? Your subscription is risk free for one month.  If, after trying out your membership for a month, you are not satisfied with your membership, notify us and we will cancel your membership and refund your payment.

What level of Italian do I need to enjoy and benefit from this membership? Think Italian accommodates a wide range of skill sets from beginning to advance. Whatever your current skill level, Think Italian is an effective, fun, and accessible way to learn Italian.

  • Beginning: We recommend that the student have the equivalent of one semester of college or high school level Italian.  Your previous experience with Italia may have been through studies at a private or public school, self-study programs, or immersion programs. Think Italia will allow you to immerse yourself in the language and the culture; and your understanding of sentence structure and use of verbs will be reinforced.
  • Intermediate: As an intermediate student, you will learn new vocabulary and phrases. You will notice increased fluency and comprehension. You will also learn nuances about the language and the culture as you experience the authentic writing styles of authors from different countries.
  • Advanced: The advanced student will continue to gain valuable information, as language acquisition is a life-long endeavor. The diverse topics from a team of international writers offer you the opportunity to learn new vocabulary, and gain new insight into the language and the people.

Who are the writers for Think Italian? The writers for Think Italian are a dynamic group of people from around the world. You can learn more about our writers on our writers page.

Can I send a gift subscription? Absolutely! The gift of Italian is a wonderful present for Italian students of all ages!

How can I contribute to Think Italian? If you have specific skills you think we could utilize, send us an email and/or visit our employment page: We regret that we cannot respond to all employment inquiries.

How do I contact Think Italian? You may email us by clicking here or call: 1-800-741-0773.

How soon can I start learning?  Immediately! Subscribe now and you are minutes away from learning. Log in and start your journey with this dynamic at home language immersion. You are on your way to Italian fluency ... Order Now!