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New students and continuing students of French - Think French Online Membership is the perfect solution to increase your French fluency at home! Think French is an online language-learning magazine and membership that is designed to improve and increase your French naturally while immersing you in the culture of French-speaking countries. For less than $10 a month you will receive a full year of valuable language learning with this dynamic at-home immersion!

Frequent use is your formula for success! Think French is filled with engaging articles, authentic audio, practical French vocabulary and grammar,  lessons and information that is useful and effective. Think French is beneficial for all levels from beginning to advanced.  Visit our FAQ page for more info about your learning level and ThinkFrench.  "Think French is a language and cultural learning experience delivered directly to you each month!"

With your membership to Think French you will receive a monthly magazine and audio files that you can access at any time online. You can also download each issue to print or save for easy viewing and listening when you are away from your computer or  away from Internet access. With your Think French membership you will also receive exclusive online flashcards, monthly lessons and special learning tips and offers available only for Think French members.

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