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ListeningThink French Audio is the key to your success mastering the French language! Think French Audio provides hours of listening, pronunciation and speaking practice. Each month the articles in Think French are read by native French speakers. The new content you receive every month provides you with hours of enjoyable listening and speaking practice.

Listen to Think French while reading your magazine or copy the files to your Ipod or CD and enjoy on your commute to work. Think French Audio will immediately begin to improve your listening comprehension, enhance your pronunciation and increase your confidence speaking aloud. Don't waste any more time and money listening to silly or useless dialogue. Think French Audio contain interesting content, phrases and vocabulary you WANT to hear, in the language you need to learn!

What is on Think French Audio?
Each month the articles in ThinkFrench are read aloud by native French speakers. When you log into your subscription each month you can simply press "play" to start listening to the audio tracks!  Or if you want to download the audio files you can save them to your desktop and easily import them into your preferred listening device. ThinkFrench Audio is original, authentic and effective. Think French Audio is designed to advance your listening comprehension, increase your confidence speaking aloud and improve pronunciation. They will help you understand and speak French naturally.

"Repeat After Me"
This unique and essential section is a favorite for many readers, and an exclusive piece that you will find only in Think French Audio, The "Repeat After Me" section is at the end of each issue. Here you will find key vocabulary, idioms and phrases written in French and repeated on the Audio files. After each phrase there will be a brief pause allowing you to repeat these difficult words and phrases and master your French pronunciation. The content changes each month and is always relevant, interesting and a fundamental part of your continued success with French.

How is it made?
The Think French audio tracks are recorded in a professional studio every month by native French speakers. New audio is custom recorded each month.

How long are the audio files?
Each monthly issue of ThinkFrench has 10-12 audio tracks. Each track lasts 2-7 minutes depending upon the length of the article. If you choose to burn the tracks to an Audio CD, each CD will last 35-55 minutes.

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