Our Company

Second Language Publishing (SLP), a creative independent publisher located in San Diego, California was founded by Kelly Garboden in the summer of 2002. At SLP, we are dedicated to providing interesting and informative language learning products. These products work to bridge communication barriers, while promoting language learning and cultural integration. In addition, we provide consumers with a modern approach to make language learning effective & fun.

Our flagship product, Think Spanish, was launched in 2002. Think Spanish has won educational and language-learning awards and is used by individuals, students and teachers worldwide.  In 2007 we expanded our product line by publishing two titles in partnership with McGraw Hill:   Read and Think Spanish and Read and Think English.  Think English was created for Spanish-speakers; to increase English fluency and in turn create opportunities for success in life in the United States.  After many requests for a language-learning product in French we are excited to now be offering Think French to the language community.

A collaborative effort...

SLP collaborates with educators to create a forum for learning languages while increasing cultural understanding.

SLP collaborates with writers, students and other language resources to create articles full of rich vocabulary. The bilingual dictionary next to each article accelerates learning.

SLP collaborates with teachers of other disciplines, bringing information such as culture, history, art, science, geography, and current news to  students in order to connect the learning practice across the curriculum, providing a richer learning experience.

This innovative collaboration model brings you a successful tool for language learning online ... Your personal at-home language immersion!